Pullmaster® planetary winches are backed by the strength of TWG, a global leader in the development and manufacture of standard and engineered winch, gearbox and load information systems for worldwide industries.

Wherever the world needs lifting and pulling, Pullmaster is there—providing the winch power global industries depend on to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. Pullmaster is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of planetary hydraulic winches built to order for the commercial fishing, logging, heavy construction, drilling, mining, dredging, and marine construction industries.

From our computer-controlled manufacturing facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pullmaster builds winches for specific applications using the finest materials, superior engineering and the highest quality craftsmanship. Pullmaster’s applied computer technology, integrated manufacturing, and computerized production machinery are used in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to produce world-class planetary products.

With one of the industry’s most knowledgeable teams of engineers, service technicians, and worldwide distributors, Pullmaster delivers the reliable, high-performance operation and long equipment life you need to get the job done—no matter where you are.

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  • Planetary Gearing: Greater efficiency and long equipment life.
  • Anti-friction bearings on all turning components: Trouble-free service, minimum maintenance.
  • Stainless steel drum seal surfaces and rubber-coated seals: Corrosion-resistant sealing surface promotes long seal life.
  • Automatic disc brakes: Offers static and dynamic brake functions.
  • Totally enclosed with all moving components running in an oil bath: Ideal for highly corrosive environments and harsh conditions.
  • Computer-controlled manufacturing: Superior quality and construction.
  • CableDrums: Choose from Pullmaster’s wide range of optional drum sizes to accommodate larger wire rope storage and conform with prevailing safety regulations as they relate to the ratio between wire rope diameter and drum diameter.
  • DrumRotation: Because the automatic disc brake on all Pullmaster winches is activated only when a load is lowered, or in reverse rotation, a definite direction of rotation for hoisting is established. The direction of rotation is determined by looking at the motor side of the winch. Standard rotation for hoisting on all PL and R series models is counterclockwise. Standard rotation for hoisting on all M and H series models is clockwise. As an option, Pullmaster winches are also offered with the direction of rotation for hoisting a load opposite to the standard rotation.
  • Drum Grooving: All cable drums on Pullmaster planetary winches can be built with wire rope grooving. Please specify the wire rope size that’s right for your application.
  • Free Spool: A mechanism that permits the wire rope to be pulled off the cable drum by hand. On Pullmaster R series winches, free spooling is a standard feature offered with manual or hydraulically actuated free-spool control. Most Pullmaster M and H series winches offer hydraulically actuated free spool.
  • Free Fall: Several Pullmaster winch models offer a free fall attachment. Choose the free-fall option that is right for your application.
  • Emergency Free Fall: Enables the full release of a load. Once the emergency free-fall function is engaged, the load cannot be stopped before reaching the ground. Much like an emergency load release function on a hydraulic crane, this option is important in applications where a load needs to be dropped at a high velocity.
  • Controlled Free Fall: Allows one-third of the winch’s rated line pull capacity to be released in a controlled free fall where the load can be brought to a smooth stop at any point on the way down.
  • Combination Emergency and Controlled Free Fall: Offers both free fall options.
  • External Brake Release: All Pullmaster planetary winches offer a disc brake that functions automatically. The external brake release option enables brake release independently and is available on most Pullmaster planetary winch models.
  • Hydraulic Motor: Pullmaster planetary winches are powered by hydraulic gear motors for systems up to 2500 psi. For applications in high-pressure hydraulic systems, Pullmaster winch models are offered with hydraulic piston motors.
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Pullmaster Equal Speed planetary winches offer maximum torque in both directions of rotation and give operators maximum control over the load. In applications that require precise lifting and lowering and load suspension, Pullmaster Equal Speed winches deliver the industry’s most reliable performance. Ideal for a wide range of applications or special operations.

  • Pulling capacities from 1,100 to 85,000 lbs (4.9 to 374.0 kN).
  • Hydraulic gear motor.
  • Spring-applied, pressure-released, automatic multi-disc brake.
  • Over-running clutch enables free rotation in the hoisting direction without affecting the brake.
  • During lower operations, the over-running clutch locks causing the disc brakes to rotate between a series of divider discs. Dynamic braking is then achieved by modulation of the winch control valve handle. When the control is returned to a neutral position, the brake applies automatically.
  • A counter-balance valve is not required for smooth and positive “Down” control.
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High-performance, high-efficiency planetary winches with rapid reverse speed 4.5 times faster than forward speed. In reverse rotation (lowering), the maximum load can be positively controlled at a line speed equal to the hoisting speed.

  • Hydraulic gear motor
  • Spring-applied, pressure-released multi-disc brake with static and dynamic functions
  • During hoisting, the hydraulic motor drives direct into the planetary reductions without affecting the brake assembly. When forward rotation is stopped, an over-running clutch will lock, and the multi-disc brake will positively hold the maximum load.
  • During lowering, the brake is released automatically and then modulated for the desired lowering speed by a single control lever.
  • A counter-balance valve is not required for smooth and positive down control.

Pullmaster Recovery winches are ideal for pulling and recovering heavy equipment and vehicles. Pullmaster is a high-performance, high-efficiency recovery winch with power in both directions. Standard free spool feature can be manually or automatically engaged. Ideal for tough mobile pulling applications or operations that require maximum control when lifting and lowering loads. Pullmaster offers four winch models specifically designed for heavy-duty recovery operations.

  • Pulling capacities from 11,021 to 15,492 lbs (49.0 to 68.6 kN)
  • Spring-applied, pressure-released multi-disc brake with dynamic and static function
  • A counter-balance valve or hydraulic brake valve is not required for dynamic braking.
  • The free spool feature permits the wire rope to be pulled off the cable drum by hand.

When the job is on the line we’re right there beside you, making sure you have the tools you need to get the job done.

Pullmaster has always stood for quality and strength, and our commitment to you drives us to continuously evolve our products to meet the challenges that you face. With the release of our new M12 winch with free fall and the free fall retrofit kit, your job just got easier using the same uniquely cooled brake design as our other models, our new M12 winches with free fall are built for the most demanding jobs.

Applications exist in the construction, energy, mining & marine markets for use on pile drivers, drills, pipe layers, dredges and more, giving you the confidence to drop the load again and again.

  • A Freefall Retrofit Kit(P/N:24880), is available for customers who already use an M12
  • Freefall options include:
    • Emergency free-fall – enabling complete, high-velocity release of the load.
    • Controlled free fall – uses 1/3 of the winch’s capacity to control the rate of descent of the load bringing it to a smooth stop at any point.
    • Combination emergency & controlled free fall – allows a combination of both capabilities.
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Around the globe, TWG’s seven distinct brands are recognized for superior product performance and innovative capability. Our customers know DP Winch®, Gear Products, Greer®, LANTEC®, Pullmaster®, Rufnek® and Tulsa Winch® by the vital role they play in the energy, infrastructure and recovery markets. TWG engineers and manufactures industry-specific winches, hoists, gear drives, hydraulic pump drives, slewing ring bearings and monitoring electronics for energy, infrastructure, recovery, marine, and natural resource markets worldwide. The breadth and depth of our gearing solutions and electronic monitoring technology are put to the test under some of the most demanding conditions on earth.

TWG’s capabilities include two world-class manufacturing centers and superior engineering to customize gearing and electronics solutions. Our ability to integrate data-capture technology into our product lines has made us an industry innovator and a market driver. Our North America headquarters is in Jenks, Oklahoma. Here, the combined operations of DP Winch, Greer, Gear Products, Rufnek, and Tulsa Winch provide a lean, streamlined approach to next-generation product development and problem-solving. Pullmaster and LANTEC products are manufactured in Surrey, British Columbia.

TWG Energy Market

TWG’s worm gear and planetary winches, hoists, rotation drives, gear reducers, and electronic monitoring solutions are put to work every day on equipment and truck fleets that service the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, including drilling and production.

TWG Infrastructure Market

TWG’s worm gear and planetary winches, hoists, rotation drives, gear reducers, swing drives, auger drives, slewing ring bearings, hydraulic pump drives, rotators and electronic monitoring solutions are used on cranes and heavy equipment that serve the construction and mining industry, light and heavy industrial applications, utility work, foundation drilling, and dredging.

TWG Recovery Market

TWG’s worm gear and planetary winches, hoists, rotation drives, gear reducers, and electronic monitoring solutions are used on cranes, wreckers and heavy equipment that serve government, towing, marine and forestry.

TWG Marine Market

TWG’s planetary hoists and winches, rotation drives, SRB’s, swing drive and gear reducers, hydraulic pump drives are used on fishing and research vessels, workboats, barges, dredges, tug-boats, and marsh buggies.

TWG Natural Resource Market

TWG’s worm gear and planetary winches, hoists, rotation drives, gear reducers are used on pipe layers, feller-bunchers, skidders, forwarder’s, harvesters, mulchers, yarder systems, blast hole drills, water well drills, rock crushers, and rock breakers serving the forestry, pipelayer and the mining industry.

TWG serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and fleet customers of cranes, trucks, industrial platforms and heavy equipment throughout the world. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative gearing and electronic monitoring solutions that enhance equipment performance, minimize equipment risk and create added value for owners and operators.