Rotating mouseholes

Custom built for the Energy market, our rotating mousehole provides reliable service, even in the very tough drill rig applications. They are sealed and will operate reliably, even if covered in drilling mud. They are a drop-in replacement for other designs in the field. They are designed for wide operating temperatures from -40F to 120F (-40C to 49C). Contact us to custom build a rotating mousehole for your application.

  • Rufnek rotating mousehole for use in the oil and gas industry on rigs on a white background


  • Steel (not rubber) springs to absorb shock
  • Makeup drill pipe
  • Removable inner bowl
  • Sealed from drilling mud
  • Tested per IP66 (low pressure water jets)

Performance specifications

Static Thrust Capacity Output Torque Capacity TWG Model Line
k lbs kN k ft-lbs kNm Rufnek
50 223 1.5 2.0 180-00031-1