Anti-two block switches

TWGs offers both wired and wireless Anti-Two Block (ATB) switches. The wired Ultimate ATB switch offers added protection against two-blocking situations for crane operators and ground personnel, such as a smaller footprint on boom heads, easy cable replacement, no-hassle mounting flexibility, and less cable wear.

The wireless ATB is available both connected to our LMI computer or as a standalone product. It incorporates a custom designed lithium battery for long life and is also rated for extreme conditions -40℉ to 185℉ (-40℃ to 85℃), much higher than alkaline batteries.

  • Greer Ultimate Wireless Anti Two Block WATB switch on white background.


  • Adding wireless connectivity to current ATB switch
  • Connect to LMI computer or stand alone versions
  • Digitally encoded ID prevents crosstalk with nearby units
  • Long battery life. Battery will auto turnoff when no communication is present
  • Fail Safe, cause fault with no wireless connectivity

Performance specifications

Model Type Description TWG Model Line
Ultimate ATB Wired Self aligning swivel joint Greer
SW series Wired Swing arm style Greer
BP 601 Wireless Kit 1 Receiver & 1 switch Greer
BP 602 Wireless Kit 1 Receiver & 2 switches Greer
SW 601 Wireless Switch Wireless Switch Only Greer